Canada Day long weekend, eh!?! June 28 2017

Canada long weekend is coming up soon! What do you have planned? Staying local, chilling out, spending quality time with loved ones in the sun, going camping? If you need something for any of those things, we have you covered! If you're unsure what to get up to for Canada, there is lots going on in the hood. Here are some items in shop to spark ideas for activities!

Start the weekend off away from the deep dark web and electronics! Instead, use one of these tool kits from The School of Life to spark conversations about a wide variety of topics! For relationships, conversation in general, and families. 

Or, another way to get to know someone better, see how far you get with one of these incredible gradient puzzles! (before you kill each other.... just kidding, this is spectacular bonding!) Awesome way to enjoy this vitamin D. 

Now that I've got you away from your electronics, get outside this long weekend! Soak in that beautiful Vancouver summer.. Take one of these solar powered foldable SolarPuffs to the beach, backyard, park, camping, you name it. 

Another favourite fun, portable light you can use for these warm summer nights is a gummy night light! Squeeze the tummy to turn him on.

For the nights out in beautiful mother nature, these Swiss Advance products are made for camping! Grill tool, pocket knife, travel spice and more. 

Speaking of tools.. It is important to be prepared for festivities. These wooden bottle openers are magnetic to stick to the fridge/wall! And when you open a bottle, it catches the bottle caps!

Spending the weekend on your bike? Although the sun stays up longer, it's necessary to stay seen at night. These awesome Bookman lights and reflectors are efficient and minimal, and here for you!

Whatever it is you decide to get into this weekend, stay hydrated with a Swell water bottle to join you! Keeping cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. 

For the beach lovers, Sunday Dry Goods gives us the best experience. Use as towels, beach blankets, and more - made with turkish cotton that gets softer after each wash! 

We see Herschel everywhere, and that's because they're dependable and fashionable. Perfect bags to take hiking, for camping, and just daily use. Lots of Herschel bags to choose from in the shop, as well as hats and toiletry kits for traveling. 

If you haven't heard someone talking about Native shoes... where have you been?! Just kidding, but everyone <3s Natives. The perfect summer water shoes in a variety of styles! Running low on stock, get 'em while you can. 

For you biking fiends, we've been hyped over these beautiful foldable helmets for a while now - with good reason. It's a helmet you don't need to worry about making much room in your bag for! Folds down over half its size, ventilation system, & all safety certified!

Can't forget to note that we are restocked up on the one and only inflatable hammock -Lamzacs - a summer necessity! Take one of these babies to the beach, in your backyard, on a camping trip. Great for pretty much anywhere.

Hope this sparked some ideas for activities this weekend! And as always, we're here to help you in any way possible. 

Spring Break is among us! March 17 2017

Ahhhh, Spring Break... We all need a break sometimes - relaxing, exploring, eating, &/or quality time with loved ones. Many people have come in looking for traveling essentials! For those lucky duckies getting out of town (or those staying local), we have few fun stuff in the shop for a successful adventure this break. 

Urbanears headphones // A client favourite - on-ear headphones, ear buds, and wireless bluetooth headphones in an array of colours! Perfect if you're going flying, or just hanging.

Gradient puzzle // Staying local & looking for something to do? This gradient puzzle will definitely keep you occupied for quite some time! In red/yellow, blue/green, black/white. 

Stack The Bones // Another fun game to keep you entertained on the rainy days! See how high you can stack the wooden "bones" and whoever topples the skeleton has to do a dare.

Swell // We love our Swell water bottles and we know you guys do too! Gorgeous colours & patterns in 9oz and 17oz. Keeps cold 24 hours and hot 12 hours.

Moleskine City Notebook // Fun traveling notebooks that include metro map + station index, 36 pages of zone maps and street index, detachable sheets, blank sheets! Available for London, Beijing, New York, Seattle, Miami, Chicago, Zurich and more.

Herschel // Love these packable daypacks! Great for shopping or a day out - super lightweight. In solid colours and reflective! 

Victionary // Perfect travel guide! 60 local creatives from each city point you to their favourite spots, including restaurants, arts, etc. Also available in a family edition. Cities included: Amsterdam, Paris, New York + plenty more in shop.

Sunday Dry Goods // Going somewhere with sun? Or not, and would like to pretend you are? These turkish cotton towels do spectacular for the beach, as a wrap, blanket, scarf, whatever you please! Get softer after each wash and never retain sand.

Have a fun and safe spring break! 

gift idea // for the rugged nature-lovers December 07 2016

with the weather being more unpredictable, we wouldn't want our outdoorsy loved ones to let mother nature stop them... which it maybe won't, so at least we can equip them with great accessories!
check out some of these gift ideas for those who love the outdoors:

rains // curve, jacket, noon (many colors)
bookman clip on reflectors // red & black
swiss advance grill tool // travel spice shaker & pocket knife (not pictured)
herschel reflective packable backpack // reflective duffle
westerly umbrellas // drifter & scout 


get out and play!