Welcome, Komono October 17 2013


We are happy to introduce you to Komono, a line of accessories created by Belgian designers Anton Janssens and Raf Maes.The Komono manifesto, or Komonism expresses a wish to bring some colour into life and to tickle the senses by making retro-futuristic designs of accessory pieces. The Wizard Print Series has a nice tickle to it with its prism of patterns. While the prints are bold the style is classic which helps to subdue the burst of pattern into a sleek and stylish accent. The hardware is encased in a matte metal frame with stainless steel back, has Japenese quartz movement and leather accents.




Welcome Miansai July 23 2013

We've been waiting a long time for you.  

Casing:  Double Wrap Rope Bracelet With Bronze and Silver MIANSAI Casing.  This versatile bracelet screws onto the wrist for great-looking, no-fuss wearability. Bracelet can be worn in water and left on for any activity.


Hook: Classic MIANSAI hook on fine Italian leather or maritime cord....available in silver tone and gold plated.  


Anchor: Classic MIANSAI anchor on fine Italian leather or maritime cord...available in silver tone and gold plated.  

RovosFine woven Italian calf over rope with sterling silver or brass clasp.  MavFine Italian Leather on Brass Cuff

Hand Cast Knot Cufflinks: available in brass and silver

MIANSAI is so beautifully crafted, we've been coveting it for a long time and are thrilled to add it to our line up...

All of the pieces have been handcrafted in Miami, Florida, with the highest grade quality available, including French Calf and Italian leathers and custom made US Military Grade rope.  All of the pieces are plated and have a solid brass base, as they find it is the best metal to use to ensure the day to day wear will not affect its' look.  In just five short years, MIANSAI has become one of the most sought after accessory brands worldwide.  


Who is the designer behind the brand?  Michael Saiger:

Michael Saiger’s aesthetic lies in the nexus of vintage American style, traditional craftsmanship, and old New England. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Michael followed in their footsteps. New York bred and educated at the University of Miami, Saiger is a self-taught designer having learned by combining his creativity and curiosity with a natural niche for finding collectibles and translating their influences into wearable accessories for men and women.


prices starting at $68

more colours available in store


More for Mom May 09 2013


Photo above:

Scarves - Soft and supple scarves to frame that pretty face

Secrid - The Secrid Cardprotector is essential for holding and protecting up to six of your most important cards, such as your credit card, bank card, ID card, driving license, insurance card, etc. Made in Holland.

Daniel Wellington - Elegant and simple with interchangeable bands.  From Sweden. 

Braun - The classic.  Enough said. 

Jewellery - Henderson Dry Goods - Mirror Pendant, Broken English - Bronze Planes, Moorigins - Leaf Pendant, Lirical - Sterling Silver and semi-precious stones, Pyrrha - wide selection of meaningful seals, HK+NP - beautiful new Infinity necklace, Sterling Silver earrings by Monica Berdin, Ceramic Earrings by Claire Madill and Wood Drop Earrings by Henderson Dry Goods. 

Erin Templeton - Leather 'Kiss and Make Up' bag