Back To School // Kids Edition September 07 2015

Yes, summer has come to an end and the first day of school has officially arrived. Make sure your young ones are fully prepared for the coming year with these back-to-school essentials. 

Herschel Backpacks

This one is a given- Herschel has become every student's go-to school bag due to its durability, simple style, and practicality. They are available in kids and youth sizes to better suit children and their needs. Starting at $40

People Footwear

New in our store are these Vancouver-based, ultra-lightweight, slip-on children's shoes. We carry the Phillips and the Stanley styles in sizes C4 to C13 and in a variety of colours. $40

Abeego Resuable Beeswax Wraps

Ditch the plastic wrap and replace them with these natural beeswax wraps to keep your food as fresh as possible without the waste. Made from pure beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin infused into a fabric made of cotton and hemp, these wraps provide a breathable environment to keep your food from spoiling. Use them around your half-cut fruits or vegetables or as lids for your containers. They are available in three sizes. $18

Bavarian Gnome Crayons

Spice up your classic crayons with these fun gnome ones. They come in six colours so start spreading the magic! $15

Kikkerland Hot/Cold Packs 

Cute reusable gel packs to sooth aches and pains or to keep your lunches warm or cold. $8


Best of luck to all students for the coming year!


People Shoes for Kids! August 27 2015

Could these shoes be any cuter?! We're happy to introduce Kids People Footwear to our shop and support another local business who are dedicated to producing the next generation of classic casual footwear. Using innovative materials and the latest high-tech manufacturing techniques, this young company works towards creating forward-thinking footwear. 

These shoes are ultra light, comfortable, and easy to clean so they're the perfect everyday pair. They feature a fusion of 3D printing and breathable mesh, elasticized laces, a slip-on tongue liner, and a soft EVA outsole. EVA is essentially rubberized foam, a new and super light material that is soft and flexible, perfect for walking. 

We carry sizes Child 4-13 in a variety of colours! All $40.

The Phillips


Social Blue // Sunshine Yellow


Really Black // Supreme Red


Playground Pink

The Stanleys 


Liberty Blue // Mean Green


Really Black // Playground Pink

Supreme Red

Grab a pair (or two) soon before they're all gone!

Bienvenue Mon Petit! October 09 2014

Bonjour, oui oui, baguette. That's the extent of my french language skills. 

I'm kidding, I'm pretty sure I could at least ask where the bathroom is. Why are we speaking french you ask? Because Mon Petit Art just arrived! So get your children ready to say bonjour to this awesomely creative line of kid's activities. 

Mon Petit Art introduces art to children through creative toys and imaginative activities. All of their products are manufactured within the European Union and take special care to make sure that their certified materials come from durably managed forests. I would say you can sleep at night purchasing these products but I'm sure your kids will be keeping you up anyways. 

"Discover Paris, Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Barcelona and London in 3D and and in miniature, designed by Mon Petit Art artists. 3D Color City is an artistic experience for the grown-ups and a design object for the adults." (It's fun to colour these in too!)

"Here is a very original colouring set. Once coloured, the precut sheets will fit easily into the support’s slots to create wonderful scenes with a striking and magical 3D effect.  All the sheets are interchangeable and the support can be coloured as well."


"An Origami kit with beautiful papers, printed on both sides. The folding with wonderful color harmonies and metallic or fluo effect, will allow to create amazing origami figures! Leaflet 16 pages inside with lots of models to be done."

"This colouring book comes with dozens of beautiful stickers, that are to be stuck on the wonderful drawings, wherever kids like or on the dedicated sites."

"A unique construction experience, that will inspire children and adults to criss-cross wood and to invent amazing geometrical structures and wonderful wefts." (Weft is a threading technique that I had to google)

"Kids will be inspired to create amazing architectural designs with these large-scale construction set. With friends, family or on their own, whether it’s a hut, a theater, a playhouse, or a cube. All the pieces are in rigid cardboard. The pack is a convenient cardboard suitcase, easy for putting away or carrying out."


We also had a really cool line of fabric wall stickers come in from Love Mae. They make a cute addition to any room and are easily removable for you vagabonds. Because of the range of sizes, you can use them anywhere from your laptop to the entire wall of your child's room (assuming your children trust your design choices, which they should if this is what you've decided to decorate with). 





Assorted Mon Petit Art items - $12 - $122
Assorted Love Mae fabric stickers - $15 - $72

If ever something is not available in our online shop, please email us any purchase inquiries.