Bleu de Chauffe and Le Baigneur November 22 2014

Christmas is fast approaching, and every year it seems that those who are the most special to us are always the hardest to buy for. I find that the presents that mean the most are the ones that have been made with the same care and appreciation that you have for the person in mind. Bleu de Chauffe bags are the perfect representation of that. 

Made in Averyon, France, each bag is made by qualified artisans renowned for their skill, experience and expertise. They are committed to traceability and ethically source all of their materials. A vegetal tanning process is used on all leather and the canvas bags are made with waxed cotton. You can truly feel the quality in these bags. Practical and stylish, each bag is signed and dated by the artisan. 



Also from France, artisanal men's soaps from Le Baigneur. Le Baigneur aims to meet men's expectations by creating 100% natural, organic care products and favoring ingredients from local productions. The butters and oils used in production of the soaps are never heated, thus retaining the nutritional qualities. The shaving soap comes in two different scents and is available with a beautiful porcelain bowl. We also have boar-hair shaving brushes by Landon Dix to complete the set. 

bleu de chauffe bags - $268-$628
le baigneur soaps - $13.50-$59
If ever something is not available in our online shop, please email us any purchase inquiries. 

Waterproofing September 29 2014

Well, it's official - the rainy season has returned. As we wave goodbye to the setting sun of a long, hot summer, we look forward to cozy sweaters, big scarves, hot chocolates, crunchy leaves, movie nights, good books, seeking refuge from the rain in little coffee shops, giant puddles, actually being excited to get on the bus - oh no, I'm rambling about my favourite season again.  

Okay, so Fall is here, no doubt. Here in Vancouver, it's hard to find a balance between the practicality of wearing rain pants non-stop for the next six months and the temptation to continue wearing your favourite jeans until the rain seeps through and turns all of the receipts in your wallet into pulp. 

Wait a second - don't commit to the rain pants just yet. Introducing Bellroy:


Bellroy wallets not only keep your stuff dry, they keep your wallet slim. These wallets were designed to keep you organized and let you live outside without compromise. PLUS they are committed to environmental practices (which you can read about here), so you can feel even better about toting this little beauty around. Here's another thing - there are not one, not two, but THREE different waterproof styles to choose from. So you and your two best friends can stand in the rain, wallet to the sky and say "Not today rain, not today." 

Or you can just be quietly confident that your stuff is dry, but either way I'm not judging.

If waterproof is not on your agenda, they do have other styles that may be more appealing to you. If you travel a lot, like I do in my daydreams, they have an awesome travel wallet that fits your passport, your bills, 4-6 cards, a SIM card and it even comes with a really nice pen. 

(love this pen)


All in all, we are very excited about these super slick wallets. Come by and check out what all the fuss is about for yourself.


Bellroy Wallets $59.95 - $149.95


Jolly Jewellry December 18 2013

Christmas is only 7 more days away and we get that it's crunch time! We're happy to (if you haven't met already) introduce you to some of our popular and thoughtful jewellry lines:


Casing Rope Bracelet - Miansai
(olive green, red, grey, navy)

$75 - 95
Anchor and Leather Bracelet - Miansai
(gold and silver anchors
with a red, grey, black, white, blue or brown strap)

Arrow Bracelets - PeaceBOMB

PeaceBOMB Bracelets
(various colors with plain silver piece)

Each bracelet is a narrative about war and peace; destruction and reconstruction. The fragmentation of bombs has been transformed into bracelets that serve as reminders of their own stories. Each purchase contributes income to a farmer-artisan household. Donations from sales also help to fund the locally managed Village Development Fund as well as another fund co-managed by RISE and  ARTICLE 22.

What's Your Resolution? Bracelets - PeaceBOMB

Also brought to you by ARTICLE 22, you are invited to write and wear your new year resolutions. All bracelets are made from Vietnam War bombs. These bracelets are perfect for a delicate splash of color or for stacking.

Anchor Necklace - Miansai
(SOLD OUT of gold; rose gold available. Silver available at  $112.00)

Hook Necklace - Mianasi
(gold, and rose gold available. Silver available at $112.00)

$140.00 - 202.00
Various - Pyrrha

Sterling Silver and Bronze pendants, all made in Vancouver,
represent your most valued reminders or charms in these precious talismans.
Lots of other options are currently in store. Come on in and visit, we'll send you away with the perfect little package!