Happy Birthday Canada! June 29 2015

Cheers to Canada's 148th birthday // Here's a fun selection of red and white items in support of our beautiful country on this special day. We are so happy to be able to call Canada-and specifically Vancouver- our home, especially with all the love that we've received everyday over the past six years. We could not have asked for a more lovely community to start this business adventure.

Joco Coffee Cup 16oz // $32
Gotta start the day with some coffee? Join the club-but now you can show off your new eco-friendly mug at the same time, 12oz also available in black, pink, green
Animal Shot Glasses (bull, bear, wolf, rhino) // $18
Up your drink game with these animal shot glasses- they stand on their heads when in use, also in black
Forest & Waves Maplewood candle // $27
What's more Canadian than some maple-scented candles
Woodlot Soaps (concierge, recharge, unscented, original charcoal) // $12
Support a local company and their brand new collection of soaps
Menu Rubbervase // $38
Summertime calls for flowers galore so switch up your vases and bring some colour into the home with this highly flexible and durable rubber vase
F as in Frank Cards // $5
Designed and hand-printed in BC by a proudly Canadian brand
Ole T-Shirt // $34
Deck yourself out in red and white with these Vancouver-designed & silk-screened tees- super soft and made to last
Native Apollo Moc // $90
Check out these brand new Natives- they're only here for a limited time so come quick!
Magnetized Planters // $12
Just so cute. (yes, they come with the plants)
Wishing everyone a fun and safe Canada Day!

Here comes the RAINS September 18 2014

There are always a few signs that autumn is on it's way; the leaves changing colour, the children back in school (usually), and for us here in Vancouver - the rain.

Our weather is constantly a topic of discussion, and whether you welcome the cooler temperature or you pine for the days of sun worship, everyone can agree that getting caught in a surprise rainfall is not ideal. But please, don't fret! We have you covered - literally. 



RAINS jackets have arrived!

This danish company draws inspiration from rainy Copenhagen to combine style and practicality seamlessly. Well, ok, the jackets do have seams like all clothing but the great thing about these seams is that the jacket is completely waterproof! Fairly important in a city that gets 168 days of rain a year (Vancouver, if you were wondering). And because RAINS thinks of everything, these jackets are breathable, with ventilation holes under the arm and back shield. A perfect addition to your cycling outfit.

They also put together a great lookbook that includes some of the other styles and colours that we offer.


But sometimes, even a perfect fitting hood (another RAINS jacket quality) can't protect you from a torrential downpour. So again, we have you covered literally. 

Westerly is a homegrown Vancouver company that operates under the intent of creating quality products that also keep you dry (go figure!). These umbrellas feature a fiberglass frame that is flexible and durable, as well as a sturdy wooden frame and handle - perfect for a windy rainy day. The colours they've chosen reflect the pacific northwest and probably look great with whatever you're wearing right now. 





 RAINS Jackets $110 - $135
Westerly Umbrellas $40 - $70