Botanically Bodacious! October 27 2014

If you were to step into our store right now, you'd probably wonder what smells so darn good. Well, don't worry, you won't need to ask because I'm about to tell you.

Walrus is now home to not one, but TWO new local lines of body care! Believe me, we're glowing over here.

After many years as a makeup artist and a lifetime of being a sister of six, Crystal Macleod acquired a love of simplistic skin care. Harlow's philosophy is based around simplicity, health and well-being. All of their products are handmade and small-batch, as well as being free of GMO’s, preservatives and other unnecessary additives. Plus, they smell really, really good. Harlow has quite the array of products, let me guide you through them. 


Harlow body butter 

spice market - musky and comfortable, reminiscent of a warm summer night or bundling up on a rainy day, spices and sandalwood
wild heart - like you've just come from laying in field of wild flowers, geranium, jasmine, neroli
bohemian - a deliciously exotic blanket of vanilla and grapefruit 

Harlow body butter nourishes, hydrates and protects. A little goes a long way for this luxuriously rich body butter. Scented with essential and fragrant oils, smooth all over for silky skin and a light, lingering scent. 


Harlow body whip

spa day - refreshing and relaxing with the invigorating scents of eucalyptus, peppermint and spearmint.
daydream - sultry and calming, French lavender swirled within the energizing citrus of bergamot and blood orange. 

This whip is lightweight and full of antioxidants, natural skin emollients, omega 3 and 6, and vitamin E. Again, a little goes along way for this hydrating cream.


 Harlow body buff

coffee buzz - an exotic and stimulating blend of coffee, raw sugar, lime and coconut
lemon lemon - scents of Lemon verbena and lime with a hint of fresh floral  

Scrub away dull, lifeless skin with Harlow's body buffs. Coffee buzz uses raw sugar as an exfoliant and lemon lemon uses espom salts. Each melts away leaving your skin  smooth and moisturized. 


Harlow fire

bohemian - vanilla and grapefruit
orange flower - a mild hint of ginger and zesty orange
fresh morning - scents of french lavender and cucumber
in the air - cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, vanilla, pumpkin, cardamom (limited edition)
warm - all the spices of a warm apple cider (limited edition)

Okay, maybe you don't want to put this on your skin, but Harlow makes candles as well. 8oz hand poured, NON GMO eco-soy candle, approximate burn time 50 hours.


Josée Gordon has also spent a majority of her life behind a makeup brush. Her passion for natural products and the magic of alchemy brought her to Reassembly. In her beautiful studio off Powell St, she creates elixirs, soaps and fragrances with ancient oils and waxes such as black agar and powdered sandalwood. A true fountain of knowledge, Josée is like a modern day shaman of the senses, bringing you into a different realm with her mystical scents. Also, it doesn't hurt that she's a complete joy to be around. All products are natural, paraben free, ethically sourced and at least 80% organic ingredients. 


Reassembly roll-on fragrance

blackwood - black agar, bergamot, sandalwood, musk, ho wood, oud and cedar
whitewood - oud and himalayan cedarwood, citrus
mosscape - lavender, japanese mint, spanish sage, oakmoss, sandalwood
mountain milk - sandalwood, spruce hemlock, balsam fir, pine needle, red cedar, vanilla, musk, amber
tobaccosuite - tobacco, ylang ylang, coriander, katrafay, black pepper, vetiver
nyc - jasmine, rose, galbanum, muhuhu, musk, leather

These roll-on fragrances are completely intoxicating. Well, don't drink them, but the combinations of fragrances in each bottle are enough to get you dreaming. Each one is unisex and inspired by something different, such as a men's lavender recipe from the 1800's (mosscape) or David Hockney's pool series from the 70's (tobaccosuite). 


Reassembly lip balms


A simple balm made with organic illipe butter, castor oil and beeswax. 


Reassembly honey/sandalwood scrub

A combination of organic sugars, organic raw honey and powdered sandalwood, this scrub is made to expel toxins while gently removing dead skin. Powdered sandalwood soothes irritation, tones, and has astringent properties, while organic marula oil and sandalwood essential oil are known for balancing and soothing skin. A truly dreamy exfoliant!


Reassembly beardo

A soothing and moisturizing treat for facial skin and hair. With the invigorating scents of lime and bay, this can be used to tame beards and moisturize the irritated skin beneath them. For a special treat, keep in the fridge and use as a refreshing aftershave. 


Reassembly herbal rock salt body cleanser

Clarifying, detoxifying, anti-bacterial, promotes and improves circulation, keeps skin taut, refreshing - this body wash has it all! The soap itself is derived from olive and coconut oils, and contains essential oils of basil, juniper, eucalyptus and oregano. The inclusion of himalayan rock salt aids in drawing out toxins and supports skin regeneration as the salt has a very high content of minerals. 


Reassembly body serum luxury oil

Quick absorbing and glow inducing, this body oil is packed with skin-loving oils like sea buckthorn, avocado, safflower, and camellia seed. Geranium, yarrow, key lime, and frankincense essential oils are infused to promote the balancing and healing of skin. 


Reassembly black magic bath crystals

The solar salts in the black magic bath crystals help to draw out impurities from the skin and soothe on a muscular level. Scented with Blackwood botanical fragrance, these crystals create a spellbinding and sensual bathing experience. Just add two tablespoons to a warm bath and enjoy.


And that is the reason it smells so good in here! Come on in and get wrapped up in it.




butter - $28
whip - $28
buff - $22
fire - $25


roll-on fragrance - $45
lip balm - $10
honey/sandalwood scrub - $24
beardo - $30
herbal rock salt body cleanser - $24
body serum luxury oil - $50
black magic bath crystals - $18
If ever something is not available in our online shop, please email us any purchase inquiries. 

Embracing Coziness October 16 2014

There's nothing like looking at pumpkins to get you ready for the season. Well, maybe not staring directly at them, but remembering everything that surrounds the appearance of the almighty pumpkin definitely excites me, and I'm not talking about PSLs (is that a dictionary term yet?).

Yes, Vancouver has finally settled into the cooler weather and the colourful leaves of fall are swirling around us. Here at Walrus we're thinking of different ways to get cozy and warm and personally, there is nothing I enjoy more than being in a state of coziness. You'll be hard-pressed to find someone with a larger cardigan and silk scarf collection as myself. OK, Prince probably has more silk scarves than I do, but I digress. I'd like to paint you a picture, a picture of Walrus-themed autumnal warmth (out of words, I am no artist). So sit back and grab a coworker/friend/stranger passing by to read this for you so you can close your eyes and really get into it. I won't judge if you peek at the photos though.


Crunch, crunch, crunch. The evening is slowly setting in and you're walking up to your fabulous home after work. The wet leaves at your feet release an earthy fragrance that begins to untangle the stress of the day behind you. You walk into your house and kick off your Fitzsimmons Native shoes. It's so great how dry they keep your feet, plus the inner lining is so comfortable.

As you put your things down, you look around and realize that someone has cleaned up! What?! You try to remember if maybe it was just you but no, someone has taken the initiative to make tidy up for you. Not only that, but the angel who cleaned for you is also an expert baker and left a sheet of cookies out to cool (score!). You pick one up and bite into it - still warm. This is your chance, the perfect moment to 'coze out'. You run to your room and change into the most comfortable outfit you own (silk pajamas? That basketball tshirt with the hole in it?). You slip into your Glerup slippers and it feels as if hundreds of little sheep are hugging your foot. You then think back to the story of Nanny Glerup on her farm in Denmark, toiling over the perfect pair of slippers - then to her family,  supporting her and helping her create a successful family business. It's amazing that the natural wool is antibacterial, water resistant, and able to produce five times the heat of any other textile fabric when in contact with moisture. It's for that reason that they work so well with bare feet. You stare down at your toes lovingly. 

You head to the kitchen to grab a glass of wine and some cookies, then to the living room to grab a book. You flop down on your couch and grab your favourite animal pillow from Areaware. You love that the print looks just like your dog "(insert your dog's name here. Or your best friend's dog's name, or maybe you don't like dogs and you love zebras, imagine that instead.)". You flick on your super cool concrete lamp that all your friends always ask about and light your Malin and Goetz tobacco candle. You love the intoxicating layers of chestnut, honey, bourbon, vanilla and ylang ylang that begin to fill your home. Plus it's an added bonus that these babies burn for 60 hours, that's one full hour of 'me-time' every day for 2 months! You settle in and begin to read.

After a while, the mystery person that cleaned and baked for you arrives. They say that they want to take you on a walk - aw! You get up and put on your Rains jacket, purple (or red) Obbaki scarf, slip on your Instance socks and get back into your Natives. You step outside and your angel friend pulls out his/her Stanley flask and offers you a sip of whisky (or maybe you hate drinking and it's hot chocolate). Wow, this person must truly be an angel. You walk around together in the brisk autumn air while making jokes and pointing at squirrels. 


You turn the corner, and suddenly your friend whips out two plane tickets. That's right - You're heading to Vegas, baby!


Okay, I didn't know how to end the story but you get the picture! Come in and visit us to check out all the fun, cozy items that were described and maybe find something else that could make an autumn evening even cosier than I could imagine. 

To lovers of the 'coze',
-Lauren (inspired by Fall and Iris)


Fitzsimmons Native Shoes - $108
Glerup Slippers - $90-$100
Areaware Animal Pillow - $27-$42
Concrete Lamp + Bulb - $48+$27
Malin + Goetz 9oz Candle - $59.90
Rains Jacket - $110-$135
Obbaki Scarf - $29
Instance socks - $11-$37.50
Stanley Flask 8oz - $32.90
Tickets to Las Vegas - Priceless?

 If ever something is not available in our online shop, please email us any purchase inquiries. 

Fall Native Shoes September 30 2014

Native shoes have landed! Our first shipment is here, this one full of Jimmy shoes for children, juniors and adults. These boots are completely water resistant and very durable. Plus, they're so lightweight we had to nail them to the shelf to keep them from floating away! Okay, that's not completely true, but they definitely don't weigh you down. This season brings us some classic solid colours, as well as a super cute fox print for the stylish toddler in your life. These are sure to go fast so don't wait on these ones. 


Jimmy Child Solid - $60
Jimmy Child Printed & Junior - $65

Jimmy Adult - $110

We also have the Jimmy mids and the Fitzsimmons in stock. Just as comfortable and stylish as the jimmy boots, with more ankle freedom!


Jimmy Mid - $95
Fitzsimmons - $108 - $115
Bring on the rain!  (well, kind of)